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AIIP Annual Conference


May 18, 2017 10:00 - May 21, 2017 10:00


New Orleans



Theme: Resilience, Reinvention, Renewal: Pivoting for Success

Hashtag: #AIIP17

Adapting to change, bouncing back from setbacks, strategically stopping to rest and reinvent – these are all key attributes of successful businesses, large and small. AIIP’s 2017 Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana will focus on building and maintaining flexible and resilient info-centric businesses that can pivot towards new opportunities as they arise.

Attending the conference is energizing and inspirational because you learn from people who get what you do. AIIP members are experiencing the same challenges you are – and they have solutions to offer that worked for them. You could not imagine a more welcoming and inclusive network of professionals than AIIP. Really.

  • Build a more resilient business by enhancing your current skills and developing new ones – show your potential clients you’re up to date with the latest – and gain insights and ideas on how to solve your business challenges;
  • Find out what other AIIP members did to make their business prosper and how they are constantly renewing and reinventing their offerings;
  • Come away with time saving strategies that have proven their value for others;
  • Conquer the isolation of working solo in a home office and instantly meet many new contacts and friends;
  • Grow your brand and build your confidence;  and
  • Come to New Orleans to have fun!

For new AIIP members or first-time conference attendees, we have a special orientation session – so you never have to come into the conference cold. There is coaching for newcomers on how to introduce yourself to business contacts and tips on how to mine the wealth of knowledge represented among attendees.