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Through occasional papers, newsletters, other publications, provides members of the community with news, views, opinions, and happenings in our world of Canadian librarianship and information management.

Occasional Paper Series

1Canada’s Favourites: Book Recommendations From Coast to CoastZoe Dickinson(October 2016) Well-known Canadians in politics, the arts, and librarianship share books that had impacted their lives, their current reads, and their recommendations for other Canadians.

ISBN 978-0-9952219-0-1
Canada's Favourites
2Bites by the Books: A Cookbook from the Canadian Librarianship CommunityCasarina Hocevar(December 2018) A collection of recipes from members of the Canadian Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums community.

ISBN 978-0-9952219-1-8
ISBN 978-0-9952219-2-5 (PDF)
Bites by the Books
3From Home and Away: Book Recommendations For Young Readers (and the Young at Heart)Yuli Sato(May 2021) Well-known Canadians in politics and government, the arts and journalism, and librarianship, as well as foreign diplomats, share their favourite children's books and their recommendations for Canadians.

ISBN 978-0-9952219-3-2
Cover of From Home and Away
4When Hallmark Met Librarianship(December 2021) Will a librarian stereotype and a Hollywood movie stereotype find true love this holiday season?Cover of When Hallmark Met Librarianship

Information Matters: A newsletter from

ISSN 2560-8266


Each issue includes:

  • news/announcements from the Canadian librarianship community
  • new items from
  • people highlights
  • stories from the news media
  • upcoming events

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20171May 15, 2017
20172May 29, 2017
20173June 12, 2017
20184March 14, 2018
20185March 28, 2018
20186April 11, 2018
20187May 1, 2018
20208April 14, 2020 (Canadian Libraries Respond to COVID-19)
20229January 2022

Voices: Topics in Canadian Librarianship

ISSN 2371-7882

2017vol. 1, no. 1Stories of LibrarianshipRobyn Schafer, Cabot YuCover of Voices volume 1, number 1
2017vol. 1, no. 2Reaching OutAlexandra YarrowCover of Voices volume 1, number 2
2017vol. 1, no. 3Student Work ExperiencesRobyn Cameron, Nicole LacelleCover of Voices volume 1, number 3
2018vol. 2, no. 1LIS and Mental HealthSarah EdgarCover of Voices volume 2, number 1