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BC Library Conference 2018


May 9, 2018 17:30 - May 11, 2018 16:45


Richmond BC



Theme: Work + Culture

The British Columbia Library Conference is the work and responsibility of the British Columbia Library Association and serves as the most important aspect of the Association’s commitment to professional development for members and the library community. BCLA mounts the annual conference to share the latest information and research in the library and related fields. Our intention is to create a space for discussion and debate that is also a space for conversation and connecting with colleagues.

The BC Library Conference provides opportunities to learn, consider and reflect on the philosophy, work, and services of libraries. We want the outcome of every conference to be stronger institutions and stronger individuals.

2018 Theme

The 2018 BC Library Conference theme is Work +Culture. This theme urges an examination of the connections between work environments, institutional cultures, and communities; an inquiry of how cultures can impact, clash, and complement each other and inform society as a whole.

Collaboration, inclusion, innovation – we include these words in job descriptions and library values and mission statements, but how well do we practice these values? Do our organizational structures and cultures foster or hinder these goals?  How do we — as individuals, institutions, and organizations — determine and define our culture and our values? And how does our culture affect our work and profession?

Are our values changing and if so what are they becoming? How do changes in our values and culture affect the concept of “library” and the work that we perform?

Understanding the culture of our institutions helps us understand the role of the library in our rapidly changing society and helps us understand the impact of our work.