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Canadian Association for Information Science (CAIS) Annual Conference 2020 (Cancelled)


June 1, 2020 June 3, 2020




Theme: Diverging Trajectories in Information Science

The Canadian Association for Information Science / l’Association canadienne des sciences de l’information (CAIS/ACSI) Annual Conference will take place during the 2020 Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, June 1-3, 2020 at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario.

London is situated where the Thames River (Deshkan Ziibi) forks into its north and south branches and flows separately onwards to distant mouths. In this space marked by bifurcation, we are invited to consider the ways in which the scholarship and practice of information science is both coming together to a point and diverging along different trajectories. At this critical juncture that is the present moment, what choices are we to make? What are the options before us and what are potential solutions to bridge unwanted divides or avoid perilous futures? Thus, this year’s conference will investigate “Diverging Trajectories in Information Science.”