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Canadian Museums Association (CMA) National Conference


April 9, 2018 09:00 - April 12, 2018 23:59





Theme: No Museum is an Island: Mobilizing Resources, Building Capacity

The late Stephen E. Weil has long been considered one of the museum community’s most insightful (and frequently wittiest) commentators. His 1980 essay entitled No Museum is an Island is just as relevant if not more so today than almost 40 years ago. If Canadian museums and galleries once stood as islands, distanced from the turmoil of the world around them, the situation in which they find themselves today is very different. Many museums feel like they operate in a vacuum in a fragmented sector where it is difficult to sustain best practices. There is much reinventing and far too little sharing. Smaller museums feel distanced from larger institutions and there is no question that all museums are feeling financial pressures. While arguably there are localized successes there appears to be as many missed opportunities. It seems we are in the hands of serendipity and the chance of who is working where. It is time to change!

CMA 2018 will strive to address the difficult questions and challenging issues facing Canada’s museums and galleries at every turn.

  • Who should provide the critical resources needed for the museums of the 21st century?
  • How will museums successfully mediate between their traditional missions and mandates to better serve the future while addressing the insistent demands of the present?
  • How will museums strengthen their capacity without compromising their basic museum goals and objectives?
  • How do we collaborate, both internally and externally, to reach our objectives?

In April 2018 we’ll come together in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Take advantage of new learning formats and think creatively as you develop your proposal to share training and ignite conversation. With your experience and innovation, rich, diverse and exciting sessions and topics will emerge.