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IFLA 2016 President’s Meeting


April 6, 2016 16:00 - April 8, 2016 17:00





Theme: Call to Action: Building the Change Agenda for the Information Profession

IFLA President Donna Scheeder invites you to the IFLA President’s Meeting 2016, her first president’s meeting. The meeting will be held in Toronto Canada from April 6-9, 2016.  The theme of the program is “A Call to Action: Building the Change Agenda for the Information Profession.” The call to action is a response to the societal trends discussed in the IFLA Trend report and our need to change and transform in an every quickly changing world.  Keynotes talks, presentations and discussion will focus on the four central themes of the change agenda:

  • Personal competencies  and library education
  • The institutional agenda building transformative services aligned with community needs
  • Advocacy for a national policy agenda
  • IFLA and the global policy agenda.

This two day summit focuses on the exploration of building the change agenda at the global, national, institutional and personal level.  It brings together leading thinkers, information professionals, and experienced practitioners from different segments of the library and information services community who represent efforts to address new directions needed as a result of societal trends reflecting both regional and library sector perspectives.   Engage with public, academic, and institutional librarians as well as library educators, creative and critical makers, futurists, and others in conversation about the change agenda for the information profession.