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Canadian Open Data Summit 2022


September 15, 2021 September 16, 2021





The Canadian Open Data Summit is not only an opportunity to exchange ideas and expand your network, but it’s also an occasion to get inspired by work being carried out by members of our diverse community. To ensure that everyone walks away from the summit with concrete learnings, the summit will tackle 2 major themes, which bear upon a range of topical issues, including: the ecological transitiondiversity and inclusion, innovation and economic development, and democracy and participation.

Engagement and Digital Literacy

The open data by default principle concretized real commitments from governments to actively share their data, opening their doors to the public, so to speak. Today, the open data community calls us to go further — to broaden the entryway, and to create new channels. As we think through how to prioritize publishing data, while making it usable and useful to communities, the theme of engagement and digital literacy becomes essential. A wide range of subjects are envisioned : from understanding open data users needs, to enabling the discoverability of data, to engaging with citizens to create an inclusive and data-informed future.

Responsible Data Governance and Management

Publishing open data is just one step in the lifecycle of data, and in many ways, it’s the tip of the iceberg. This conference theme focuses on looking beneath the waters — getting behind the processes, structures, dynamics, frameworks and actors that create and publish open data, while exploring challenges and solutions to responsible data management and governance. As part of this theme, participants may unpack tricky questions on data ethics, discover new ways of sharing data in pursuit of the common good, and think through the future of digital transformation in government. We invite you to dive in with us!