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Portage & Research Data Management in Canada


September 18, 2017 09:00 - 16:00





Portage invites you to participate in a day of activities dedicated to a Canadian community of practice for research data management (RDM). An initiative of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries, Portage was established in 2015 to support the shared stewardship of research data through a Network of Expertise that assists libraries with providing RDM services on their campuses and through partnerships with infrastructure providers to make RDM platforms widely available. The morning session is dedicated to presentations on the status of RDM in Canada and the work of the Network of Expertise, while two afternoon workshops focus on platforms for data management plans and data repositories.

Portage and Research Data Management in Canada
The day of activities begins with a morning plenary session that will open with a keynote address providing an account of RDM in Canada today and its future directions. Following the keynote will be a panel discussion that brings together the Chairs of the Portage Expert Groups to discuss the various ways their groups are helping to move RDM forward in Canada.
Registration is limited to 140 participants. 

In the afternoon, participants will be offered a choice between two workshops:

Portage and Data Management Plans in Canada: The Policies, Templates, and Platform
This workshop will provide an overview of data management plans and their value to researchers and those involved in providing research services on campus. Practical instruction on the use of the Portage Data Stewardship template and the online DMP Assistant platform will be provided. This session is directed at students, researchers and data managers. This session is designed as a “bring your own tech” workshop. Participants should come prepared with their own laptops.
Registration is limited to 40 participants.

Portage-Supported Research Data Management Platforms
This workshop will provide an overview of Portage-supported RDM platforms with an examination of the Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) and Dataverse. This will allow participants to review key considerations and opportunities for integrating these platforms into local data services. This workshop is directed primarily at librarians and research data managers.
Registration is limited to 40 participants.