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Everything tagged: 13 Questions

13 Questions With: Cheryl Murphy

Reference Librarian, Supreme Court of Canada

Blog January 13, 2015 

13 Questions With: Katherine Clubine

Senior Information Specialist, Industry Canada

Blog November 30, 2014 

13 Questions With: Stephanie Glandon

System Administrator and Technical Business Analyst, Natural Resources Canada

Blog November 12, 2014 

13 Questions With: Lina Branter

Outreach and Communications Coordinator, BC Ministry of Education

Blog October 30, 2014 

13 Questions With: Colleen Morawski

Librarian, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School (London, Ont)

Blog October 29, 2014 

13 Questions With: Carmelita Cechetto-Shea

Library Support Consultant, Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board

Blog October 28, 2014 

13 Questions With: Amanda Wakaruk

Government Information Librarian, University of Alberta Libraries

Blog October 16, 2014 

13 Questions With: Michelle Lake

Government Publications Librarian, Concordia University Libraries

Blog October 15, 2014 

13 Questions With: Catherine McGoveran

Government Information Librarian, University of Ottawa

Blog October 13, 2014 

13 Questions With: Aimee Babcock-Ellis

Program Specialist, U.S. National Institutes of Health

Blog August 6, 2014