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Advancing Open


Event May 6, 2019 (Type: Workshop) 

CARL Releases Statement on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)

“We believe that a term of copyright of life plus 50 years is adequate to reward rights holders and beneficiaries, while balancing the benefits that a robust public domain has for Canada’s knowledge-based economy.”


News October 10, 2018 

GLAM Sector Submissions on Copyright Act Review

Recommendations in similar areas of interest: Copyright override, Crown Copyright, Fair dealing, Indigenous Knowledge, Orphan works, Technological Protection Measures (TPM), and Term Extentions.


News September 9, 2018 

@Risk North 2: Digital Collections


Event November 9, 2018 (Type: Conference) 

Library Association Submissions on Reforms to the Copyright Board of Canada

Earlier this week, CARL and CFLA released their submissions to the Consultation on Options for Reform of the Copyright Board of Canada.


News October 5, 2017 

Canadian Web Archiving Coalition (CWAC) Inaugural Meeting

The goal of the inaugural meeting is to set strategic priorities and establish work teams to identify and accomplish specific goals related to the mission of the CWAC.


News August 30, 2017 

Canadian Web Archiving Coalition Inaugural Meeting


Event September 20, 2017 (Type: Workshop) 

CARL Submission to 2018 Pre-Budget Consultations

Calls on federal government to invest in national research data management (RDM) infrastructure, digitization of documentary heritage, and the Federal Science Library.


News August 24, 2017 

Portage & Research Data Management in Canada


Event September 18, 2017 (Type: Workshop) 

@Risk North


Event November 10, 2017 (Type: Symposium)