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Highlights from Mandate Letters for British Columbia Cabinet Members

Blog November 28, 2020

Highlights from BC ministerial mandate letters on issues of interest to the librarianship community.

Status of 2021 Library Conferences and Events in Canada

Blog November 17, 2020

With the evolving COVID-19 situation across the country, many conferences and events for the Canadian library community will be engaging participants in new ways in 2021.

Highlights from Ontario Budget 2020

Blog November 5, 2020

Highlights from the 2020 Ontario budget of interest to the library and information management community.

In Business with Leigh-Ann Morris and Summit Martial Arts

Blog October 21, 2020

“Success is definitely not a linear path, there are ups and downs along the way. It’s how you deal with those that determines your path. Never lose sight of who you are as a business in the process – eye of the tiger! Stay focused! Never give up when things get tough!”

In Business with Victoria McIntosh and Information in Bloom Management Services (IIBMS)

Blog October 20, 2020

While most of my work in the past few years focuses on privacy and security, my practices are grounded in the information & data lifecycle. Solid governance is emphasized early: if everyone assumes someone else will look after the data, no one will.

In Business with Amanda Horsman and The unLibrarian

Blog October 19, 2020

My mission is simple—I wish for everyone to have the opportunity to be informed decision-makers in their businesses and lives: to be self-sufficient.

Giving Back for Canadian Library Month, National Cookbook Month, and Thanksgiving

Blog October 12, 2020

From October 12 to December 31, five dollars ($5) from each purchase of Bites by the Books: A Cookbook from the Canadian Librarianship Community will be contributed to Food Banks Canada.

Banned Books Week, the Freedom to Read, and Canadian Libraries

Blog September 27, 2020

Initiated by the Canadian Library Association in 2006, the Intellectual Freedom Challenges Survey gathers information about the nature and outcome of challenges experienced in each calendar year by publicly-funded libraries across Canada to their materials and policies.

Highlights from the Speech from the Throne

Blog September 23, 2020

Highlights of interest to the Canadian library and information management community in the Speech from the Throne

Libraries, Publishing, and Bookselling: Responses to Globe and Mail Op-Ed

Blog August 8, 2020

On July 25, The Globe and Mail published an opinion piece where the author blames the closing of independent bookstores and publishers’ financial troubles on public libraries. Over the last few weeks, a number of individuals and organizations from the library and publishing community have responded.