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Archival Preservation and Updates in Preventative Care Workshop


October 4, 2019 09:00 - 16:00





Archivists are tasked with protecting and preserving the documents and other materials in their care in perpetuity while making as little changes to them as possible. Yet most of us are not conservators and often wish we had more knowledge and practice in this area. What are the best tools for basic cleaning? How does one make a custom acid-free container? Learn the answers to these questions and more when the AAOEe hosts conservator Kyla Ubbink in a full-day workshop on Archival Preservation.

Mitigating deterioration requires the practice and implementation of climate control, pollutant reduction, appropriate storage techniques, and proper handling and use. Get practical tips on how to detect problems and act to resolve issues that may occur in storage or during collection use.

This workshop will focus on archival materials including documents, manuscripts, maps, works of art on paper, parchment and vellum, photographs, over-sized materials such as maps and posters, and audio-visual materials. Gain practical experience in basic cleaning, removing staples and paper clips, repairing tears and reducing creases through hands-on activities with didactic materials. This will include making your own simple acid-free enclosure.

A modest lunch and snacks will be provided.