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Events tagged: AAO

AAO Wikipedia For Archivists

Website: This half-day workshop will introduce archivists to the principles and practicalities of editing Wikipedia and adding links to online archival resources to the site. It covers both theoretical and …

Event February 20, 2016 (Type: Workshop) 

AAO Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Website: Ontario archivists (and champions of archives!) are invited to participate in an edit-a-thon focused on Ontario’s archives and archival collections. New and experienced users are welcomed to contribute to …

Event February 20, 2016 (Type: Workshop) 

Archives Association of Ontario (AAO) / Association of Manitoba Archives (AMA) Joint Conference

Theme: Archives Confidential: Breaking Down the Barriers

Event May 11, 2016 (Type: Conference) 

Electronic Records Management Workshop

Website: This full-day workshop will provide a basic introduction to electronic records management. The morning session will briefly discuss the importance of ensuring authenticity, reliability, and integrity of e-records to …

Event November 10, 2017 (Type: Workshop) 

Archives Association of Ontario (AAO) Conference 2018

Theme: Celebrations: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Event May 9, 2018 (Type: Conference) 

Introduction to Archival Processing

Website: The workshop will introduce participants to the methods and practices archivists use to arrange, describe, preserve and create finding aids for collections of varying sizes. This will include basic …

Event November 10, 2018 (Type: Workshop) 

Archival Preservation and Updates in Preventative Care Workshop

Website: Archivists are tasked with protecting and preserving the documents and other materials in their care in perpetuity while making as little changes to them as possible. Yet most …

Event October 4, 2019 (Type: Workshop) 

Teaching with Archival Records Unconference

Website: The Toronto Area Archivists’ Group invites you to the Teaching with Archival Records Unconference which is a full-day event for archivists to discuss, share, and explore pedagogical approaches …

Event November 15, 2019 (Type: Unconference) 

Archives Awareness Week (Ontario) 2021


Event April 5, 2021 (Type: Awareness Day/Week/Month) 

Archives Association of Ontario (AAO) Conference 2021

Theme: Doing The Work: From Colonial Pasts to Inclusive Futures

Event May 11, 2021 (Type: Conference)