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Art Libraries Society of North America

ARLIS/NA Anti-Racism Task Force Survey

July 15, 2021

The ARLIS/NA Anti-Racism Task Force invites current and former members, as well as non-members who are familiar with ARLIS/NA, to participate in our survey. The survey will assess people’s experiences with personal and structural racism in ARLIS/NA. The results will inform the Task Force’s work, but they will not be shared outside of the Task Force.

Your anonymous participation in this survey will help us design and implement effective strategies to make ARLIS/NA a more inclusive and equitable space. Thank you for your time.

Take the survey here:

The survey will take approximately 4-8 minutes to complete.


Amy Trendler,
Past President, ARLIS/NA, and
Architecture Librarian
Ball State University

About the ARLIS/NA Anti-Racism Task Force

Project scope: 

In the June 8th 2020 ARLIS/NA Advocacy: Statement Against Anti-Black Racism and Violence, it was stated “As an organization, the Art Libraries Society of North America will hold itself accountable to continue the challenging, but necessary, work ahead: educating and self-educating, disrupting structural racism perpetuated in our institutional systems, and building equity through forums for discussion, policy, and action.”

The Anti-Racism Task Force will develop a long-term plan in order to realize our commitment to addressing systemic racism in ARLIS/NA and the visual arts information profession.


  • Solicit input from membership and gather information on past and current ideas
  • Review and assess information
  • Identify potential actions and recommendations
  • Develop actions and recommendations into SMARTIE goals
  • Build a plan and establish a timeline
  • Propose implementation responsibilities
  • Develop evaluation and accountability processes
  • Share quarterly progress reports with membership
  • Prepare recommendations for the board by the end of the 12 month period for next steps and the next iteration of the task force


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