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Canadian Federation of Library Associations / Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques

CFLA Copyright Committee Update (October 2022)

November 3, 2022

At its October meeting, the CFLA Copyright Committee discussed the following activities/matters:

  1. The Committee heard from Impact, CFLA’s government relations firm, that the federal government is looking at a limited review of copyright with focused consultations in 2023. The Federal Government is aware of the library community’s positions on copyright.
  2. Members of the Committee met with ISED and Heritage Canada officials to discuss the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Protection of Broadcasts and Broadcasting Organizations Treaty and explained the need for mandatory exceptions/limitations that the library community wished to see in the Treaty.
  3. Work continues on finalizing the Committee’s new Terms of Reference.
  4. Artificial Intelligence & Copyright Working Group completed its last position paper on Right to Repair, Interoperability and TPMs. It has gone to the CFLA Board for approval and posting on the CFLA website.
  5. Work continues with Accessibility Working Group’s ‘reasonable search’; Crown Copyright; and Copyright Data and Analysis Working Group.
  6. Two members of CFLA Copyright Committee will join a joint CFLA/CULC/CARL working group focusing on issues with trade ebooks in libraries.

This message about current activities is the outcome of discussions at our committee in February 2021 about raising awareness of CFLA copyright activities.

(Via CFLA Copyright Committee)

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