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Call for Proposals: #NeuroGLAM2024 Conference

Call for Proposals: #NeuroGLAM2024 Conference

April 30, 2024

The members of Neuro-GLAM-orous Canada invite you to participate in their second annual online conference, to be held August 21st 2024.

What is Neuro-GLAM-orous Canada?

Neuro-GLAM-orous Canada emerged from the success and elevated feelings around the Ontario College and University Library Association’s 2022 Neurodiversity in the Library conference when it was seen just how badly there needs to be a place for neurodivergent gallery, library, archive, and museum workers in Canada to share their interests, experiences, research, and support.

Conceived of as part professional, self-advocacy, and support group, Neuro-GLAM-orous Canada is still in its early stages and primarily organizes on our Discord server (you can contact Ben Mitchell ( for an invite link).

Potential Topics:

The general theme of this year’s conference is neurodiversity, labour, and GLAM.

Presentations and panels may relate to, but are not limited to:

  • Research and professional work and ongoing projects
  • Personal accounts of being neurodivergent in GLAM spaces
  • Discussions of resources, forms of mutual aid or peer support of potential interest to the community
  • Employment issues, labour law, collective bargaining, and disability rights and concerns

For those interested, the conference will conclude with a “Five Minute Fascinators” event where participants are invited to talk about a special interest for five minutes and why they think it is so interesting.

After the conference there will be a channel created on the Neuro-GLAM-orous Canada Discord server for ongoing discussions and follow up to discussions raised during the event and where links to recordings will be posted.


We invite proposals for individual presentations as well as for panel submissions. Presentations and panel discussions can be pre-recorded or delivered live.

For individual presentations, please submit an abstract of no more than 2500 characters (approximately 400 words) a presentation title, a brief biographical statement (including pronouns if you feel comfortable doing so), contact information, and any potential trigger warnings for your presentation. You may also indicate the expected length of your presentation (10 minutes or 20 minutes max).

For complete panels, please submit a panel abstract of no more than 2500 characters (approximately 400 words) as well as a list of all participants and brief biographical statements (including pronouns if you feel comfortable doing so). Please identify (up to three panelists and one moderator) and provide participants’ contact information for the panel organizer.

At Neuro-GLAM-erous Canada we believe that the personal and professional are political, and encourage participants to think of themselves as whole beings. The sphere of vulnerability this creates will require tact and understanding. While this is a space to learn and be vulnerable, harassment, bigotry, and bad-faith actors will not be tolerated.

Proposals can be submitted to

Any questions can be directed to Ben Mitchell at

New deadline for proposals is: July 31st 2024

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