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Canadian Library Association

Update on the Dissolution of the Canadian Library Association

May 27, 2016

The Canadian Library Association (CLA) provided an update in the latest issue of CLA Digest on the steps taken to dissolve CLA and transition some existing activities to the Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA).

Update from the Executive Director

Since the January 27, 2016 vote by the CLA members to dissolve the organization and support the creation of the Canadian Federation of Library Associations CLA staff and Executive Council have been working tirelessly to wrap up business, transfer programs where possible and plan the CLA National Forum taking place June 1 – 3 in Ottawa. Below is a table outlining the work done to date.

Special Purpose Funds

CLA has been working with legal counsel and the Accountant to determine appropriate stewardship of CLA’s Special Purpose Funds. A financial analysis of the Funds has been undertaken.


Due to the current real estate market in Ottawa and the location of the office, we have had no success in sub-leasing the space. This represents a significant liability for CLA. Discussion and negotiation with the Landlord has begun.

CLA Archives

The majority of CLA’s physical archives have been transferred to Library and Archives Canada. The remainder will be transferred just prior to applying for dissolution.

Discussions have taken place with the CFLA regarding digital files and how we might ensure that they remain available and accessible to the library community.


CARL and CULC are currently taking a policy lead on the issue of Copyright, working with the CLA’s Copyright Advisory Committee, until the CFLA-FCAB is able to lead advocacy efforts on this issue.

TPL and OPL continue to lead the eBooks initiative in consultation with the CLA eBook Task Force. CFLA will take on this issue and feel that CULC is best positioned

The CFLA is aware of the issues that CLA was focusing on and will receive a report from the CLA National Forum that we hope will help inform their decisions around the broad issues that require national advocacy.

CLA Position Statements

CLA has initiated discussions with CFLA regarding important position statements, highlighting the Intellectual Freedom Statement as a critical statement to have in place early.

CFLA recognized the importance of national statements and is currently reviewing all CLA position statements on the website. The goal is to have relevant ones re-adopted at its first AGM in 2017 and archival access maintained for those no longer relevant or current. [Chair’s Update from CFLA-FCAB, May 24, 2016]

Intellectual Freedom

CLA’s Intellectual Freedom Advisory Committee is working on the 2015 edition of this survey.

Discussions have taken place with CFLA regarding its potential adoption of this annual survey. No formal decisions have been made as of yet.


Discussions have taken place with CFLA regarding its potential adoption of some of these awards.

Some of these awards have funds associated with them which CLA is still investigating. No formal decisions have been made as of yet.

Scholarships and Research Grants

Discussions have taken place with CFLA regarding its potential adoption of some or all of these awards. No formal decisions have been made as of yet.

Website РCLA.CA / Website Р (Feliciter)

CLA and CFLA/FCAB are please to announce that CFLA-FCAB will take over the contract for the CLA and Feliciter websites to ensure nothing is lost. Domain name ownership is being assumed by the Federation to ensure an orderly transfer. Eventually, domains will be phased out or redirected to the Federation.

Website – – Library Shipping Tool

We are please to be able to say that we have found an organization to take over administration of the Library Materials Shipping Tool. We are in the process of working through details with this organization and Canada Post and hope to be able to make an announcement in the near future regarding the new administrative body.

Website – – SLIC

CLA is in the process of moving the SLiC website to a new temporary host organization. We are working with both the Editor as well as the School Libraries Advisory Committee and the Voices for School Libraries Network.

An announcement will be made regarding the new host once SLIC has been transferred and both parties are ready to go live with the new site.

Physical Assets & Services

CLA Staff have been working to dissolve CLA’s physical assets (selling of desks and other furniture, office supplies, donating where appropriate, etc)

They have also been cancelling services when they are able to in order to minimize cost and save where possible.

RDA – International Standard Co-Published by ALA/CILIP/CLA

RDA, the International Standard co-published by ALA/CILIP/CLA will be assumed by CFLA-FCAB. [Chair’s Update from CFLA-FCAB, May 24, 2016]

This was also announced in the May 13, 2016 CLA Digest.


We are pleased to be able to share, jointly with the CFLA-FCAB, that the Federation has agreed to take over the role and responsilibities currently undertaken by CLA related to the accreditation of Canadian MLIS programs by ALA Accreditation. CARL will work on this on behalf of CFLA/FCAB.

The Canadian Council of Information Studies (CCIS-CCSI), the national council of Deans and Directors of Canadian Library and Information Science programs, has expressed an interest in working with the Federation on the recommendation of the Canadian representative to the ALA Committee on Accreditation. This partnership will be investigated.


CLA has informed IFLA that it will not be renewing its membership for 2016.

The Federation will ensure continuity of membership in IFLA and are working to ensure that all existing Canadian participation in IFLA and its committees is not undermined by the transition to CFLA-FCAB. [Chair’s Update from CFLA-FCAB, May 24, 2016]

IFLA has provided information, via CLA, for the CFLA regarding membership along with options for consideration regarding the potential for CFLA to take over.

YCW Program

2016 – 2017 home found with Canadian Council of Archives

2017 – 2018 consideration by the CFLA as to whether they want to take this on. PCH is interested in speaking with the Federation once established.

Copyright on CLA Publications

We have made progress on the transfer of copyright of some CLA publications and will make announcements when details have been finalized. We continue to work to find homes to transfer the remaining copyrights so as to avoid having any copyright orphans once CLA has dissolved.

Legal counsel has provided feedback on how best to transfer these copyrights.

Guidelines and Standards (other than RDA & Leading Learning)

Discussions have taken place with the CFLA regarding the potential to take ownership of these standards. No formal decisions have been made yet.

Leading Learning

Further discussion has taken place with the CFLA-FCAB as well as the school library community regarding a permanent home and long-term stewardship of this standard.

We hope to be able to make announcements in the very near future.


The CFLA-FCAB is working with OLA, Victoria Owen and Margaret Ann Wilkinson on any responsibilities CFLA-FCAB should take on with WIPO [Chair’s Update from CFLA-FCAB, May 24, 2016]


The Treasurer, Executive Director, and CLA Financial Officer continue to monitor CLA finances closely. They reach out to the Accountant when needed.

Book Sales

ALA has been notified that CLA will no longer be taking book orders for ALA Editions as of May 15, 2016.

An announcement was made on May 12, 2016 that we have found a new Canadian distributor for ALA Editions. We are awaiting finalization of details between ALA Editions and this Canadian organization. Once we have this we will be able to make an announcement and provide details to the community on where they can access ALA Editions.

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