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Canadian Library Association

CLA Responds to Good e-Reader article entitled “The Canadian Library Association wants to Disband”

December 22, 2015

Thank you for your interest in the CLA and the work of the Future Federation Working Group. Unfortunately your blog of December 19, 2015 titled “The Canadian Library Association Wants to Disband” contains several errors and misrepresentations that we wish to correct. The steps taken by CLA were not as a result of their “ceasing to be relevant as many libraries are going digital” nor because it has “failed to embrace the digital revolution.” They were also not taken in isolation. Rather, they were taken as a part of a national working group strategy to find a collective solution to ensuring a national voice for libraries and to reflect the new world of library associations. The Future Federation Working Group represents membership from across the country as well as various library sectors. We encourage you take the time to carefully read the proposal from the Working Group entitled Toward a Federation of Library Associations in Canada: Strengthening the National Voice for Canadian Libraries that is linked in your blog. Further information on the process and those involved in creating this national vision can be found on the CLA website [] and on the Future CLA blog [].”

CLA Executive Council

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