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Institute for Research on Public Policy

Ethical and Social Dimensions of AI (Updated)

March 5, 2018

Policy Options / Options politiques, the Institute for Research on Public Policy’s (IRPP) public policy and research analysis magazine, is publishing a series of analyses of the ethical and social issues associated with AI and deep learning, including its impact on areas such as cybersecurity, journalism, justice, health care, urban planning and transit.

April 4, 2018
Should justice be delivered by AI?
Bob Tarantino (Osgoode Hall Law School)

March 13, 2018
Will AI just wind up automating inequality?

March 1, 2018
AI in government: for whom, by whom?
Jean-Noé Landry (OpenNorth)
Suthee Sangiambut (OpenNorth)

February 26, 2018
Shedding light on confusion around AI and work
Dominic Martin (Université du Québec à Montréal)

February 21, 2018
AI on a social mission
Valentine Goddard (AI on a Social Mission conference)

February 20, 2018
Personal drones, AI and our privacy
Kristen Thomasen (University of Windsor)

February 19, 2018
L’éthique animale va-t-elle sauver les robots ?
Martin Gibert (Université de Montréal)
Dominic Martin (Université du Québec à Montréal)

February 16, 2018
How can Indigenous knowledge shape our view of AI?
Karina Kesserwan (Kesserwan Arteau)

February 15, 2018
L’IA et nos principes de justice fondamentale
Karim Benyekhlef (Université de Montréal)

February 12, 2018
Pour un développement plus égalitaire de l’IA
Hugo Cyr (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Sébastien Gambs (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Marie-Jean Meurs (Université du Québec à Montréal)

February 9, 2018
How cities can shape the future
Jerry Edling (KNX)

February 8, 2018
Values-based AI and the new smart cities
Tracey Lauriault (School of Journalism and Communication, Carleton University)

February 6, 2018
Deploying AI responsibly in government
Michael Karlin (Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat)

February 5, 2018
Why AI needs nursing
Tracie Risling (College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan)

February 1, 2018
Artificial intelligence and journalism
Alfred Hermida (School of Journalism, University of British Columbia)

January 31, 2018
Identifying radical content online
Ryan Scrivens (Concordia University, Montreal)
Garth Davies (School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University)

January 30, 2018
La cybersécurité : un enjeu central du développement de l’IA
Benoît Dupont (École de criminologie, Université de Montréal)

January 29, 2018
Better cities with shared, electric and self-driving cars
Adam Blinick (Uber Canada)


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