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Heather Lank Nominated As New Parliamentary Librarian

June 8, 2018

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced the nomination of Heather Lank as the new Parliamentary Librarian.

Dr. Lank has served in increasingly senior roles within the Senate of Canada administration for over 25 years. She is currently the Principal Clerk of the Senate Chamber Operations and Procedure Office, a position she has held since 2015.

Established in 1876, the Library of Parliament is a fully functioning library whose collection and services support the activities and decisions of Parliament and parliamentarians. The Parliamentary Librarian oversees the management of the Library and reports to the Speakers of the Senate and the House of Commons.

Dr. Lank was chosen as the nominee for the position of Parliamentary Librarian through the Government’s open, transparent, and merit-based appointment process.


“Heather Lank’s extensive career in the Senate of Canada administration makes her an outstanding candidate for the position of Parliamentary Librarian. Her knowledge and understanding of Canada’s parliamentary system and services are second-to-none. I know she will do an excellent job managing this important institution that Parliament and all parliamentarians rely on.”
– The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Quick Facts

  • The Parliamentary Librarian is appointed by the Governor in Council under the Parliament of Canada Act.
  • The Library of Parliament contributes to Canadian parliamentary democracy by creating, managing, and delivering authoritative, reliable, and relevant information for both Houses of Parliament. The Library also collects, curates, preserves, and ensures access to historical information about Parliament.


Born in Arvida, Quebec, and educated in Switzerland, the United States, and Canada, Heather Lank holds both a masters and a doctorate in sociology from the University of Toronto.

Dr. Lank joined the federal Public Service in 1990 as an operational auditor with Correctional Service Canada. She began her career with the Senate of Canada administration in 1991 as a committee clerk, and has assumed progressively senior leadership roles over the past 27 years.

Dr. Lank has served as Principal Clerk of the Senate Chamber Operations and Procedure Office since 2015. In this capacity, she is responsible for procedural, administrative, and informational support for all Senate sittings, including providing advice and support to the Speaker of the Senate on matters of procedure and practice.

She is also responsible for the preparation and publication of official parliamentary documents, including the Order Paper and Notice Paper, Journals of the Senate, Debates of the Senate, as well as numerous documents on parliamentary procedure.

Dr. Lank is a highly regarded leader, manager, and fluently bilingual communicator and educator with an in-depth knowledge of Canada’s parliamentary system and services.

(Via Prime Minister’s Office)


2 responses to Heather Lank Nominated As New Parliamentary Librarian

  1. John Alexander Murray says:

    However, Dr. Lank is not a qualified educated professional Librarian, despite her many admirable, coincidental talents, operating and directing a professional Library are critically missing.

    Patronage perhaps?

  2. ross gordon says:

    The job poster asked for an MLIS degree. How did she get screened in?

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