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News tagged: Advocacy

Ex Libris Association Issues Statement of Solidarity With Ukrainian Colleagues

The Ex Libris Association (ELA), the national association representing retired librarians, archivists and information professionals in Canada, posted a statement expressing their solidarity and support for colleagues in Ukraine.

News March 1, 2022 

Library and GLAM Sector Submissions to 2022 Pre-Budget Consultations

Library and GLAM sector organizations call for federal support for broadband connectivity, access to e-content, municipal funding, library support for vulnerable populations, accessible reading material, funding for Library and Archives Canada, and Canadian publishers and booksellers.

News January 9, 2022 

Promotional Materials Available for 2021 Canadian Library Month, Provincial Library Weeks

October is Canadian Library Month, an opportunity to raise awareness of the valuable role libraries play in Canadians’ lives. CLM also includes First Nations Public Library Week, Ontario Public Library Week, and Saskatchewan Library Week.

News September 23, 2021 

CFLA Releases Federal Election 2021 Information Package

The Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA), in partnership with their government relations firm (Impact Public Affairs), has released several elections-related documents, including overviews of the major party platforms, summaries of the English and French language debates, and a one-pager of key library issues.

News September 16, 2021 

Elections Toolkit for Accessible Book Funding in Canada

NNELS and CELA have released a federal elections toolkit to help supporters connect with and educate candidates about accessible reading.

News September 8, 2021 

Canada’s Museums and Election 2021

Canada’s national, provincial and territorial museums associations are calling on federal political parties to commit to updating Canada’s 30-year-old national museum policy and asking party leaders to share their vision for Canada’s museums prior to election day.

News September 4, 2021 

CHLA Releases Statement on the Importance of Hospital Libraries

“A hospital without a library is missing a key part of the healthcare team, and cannot in good conscience claim to be providing evidence-based care to their patients.”

News May 17, 2021 

CFLA: Bill C-10 Opens Door to Infringement of Canadians’ Freedom of Expression

Restoring the exemption for end-user content brings Bill C-10 in line with other relevant legislation and provides assurance that Canadians’ freedom of expression will not be abridged through CRTC regulation.

News May 5, 2021 

Budget 2021: An analysis by Impact Public Affairs for CFLA

Impact Public Affairs, the Canadian Federation of Library Associations’ (CFLA) government relations firm, has prepared an analysis of the 2021 federal budget.

News April 21, 2021 

Canadian Federation of Library Associations Update (Spring 2021)

An update on recent activities of the Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA).

News April 10, 2021