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Events tagged: OLA-OCULA

OCULA Spring Conference 2016

Theme: Creating Space: Expanding the Physical, Digital, and Mental Boundaries of the Academic Library

Event April 29, 2016 (Type: Conference) 

Digital Odyssey 2016

Theme: Privacy in Public: Implications for Libraries

Event June 10, 2016 (Type: Conference) 

OCULA Spring Conference 2018

Theme: Building Better Libraries Through Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Event May 4, 2018 (Type: Conference) 

OCULA Conference 2021

Theme: Switching Gears: Finding Time to Check In and Check Out

Event July 7, 2021 (Type: Conference) 

Neurodiversity in the Library: Building Better for Staff and Students


Event May 19, 2022 (Type: Conference) 

OCULA Conference 2023

Topic: Decentering Whiteness in Academic Libraries

Event May 11, 2023 (Type: Conference)