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News tagged: Ontario

Ontario 2024 Pre-Budget Consultations and Public Libraries

“Ontario public libraries are vital public resources, and I’m here today to speak to our three key priorities our organizations are bringing forward…: the Ontario digital library; funding for First Nations public libraries; and we are requesting an increase to the Ontario public library grant.”

News January 16, 2024 

Right to Read Inquiry Calls for Critical Changes to Ontario’s Approach to Early Reading

Right to Read includes over 150 recommendations to the Ministry of Education, school boards and faculties of education on how to address systemic issues that affect the right to learn to read

News February 28, 2022 

Ontario Human Rights Commission Inquiry to Ask: Do Students With Reading Disabilities Have Meaningful Access to Education?

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has launched Right to Read, a public inquiry into human rights issues that affect students with reading disabilities in Ontario’s public education system.

News October 8, 2019 

Stephen Abram Appointed Executive Director of the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries

Stephen Abram will join the FOPL as the Federation’s Executive Director on June 10, 2013.

News May 28, 2013