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Blog posts tagged: Profiles

In Business with Leigh-Ann Morris and Summit Martial Arts

“Success is definitely not a linear path, there are ups and downs along the way. It’s how you deal with those that determines your path. Never lose sight of who you are as a business in the process – eye of the tiger! Stay focused! Never give up when things get tough!”

Blog October 21, 2020 

In Business with Victoria McIntosh and Information in Bloom Management Services (IIBMS)

While most of my work in the past few years focuses on privacy and security, my practices are grounded in the information & data lifecycle. Solid governance is emphasized early: if everyone assumes someone else will look after the data, no one will.

Blog October 20, 2020 

In Business with Amanda Horsman and The unLibrarian

My mission is simpleā€”I wish for everyone to have the opportunity to be informed decision-makers in their businesses and lives: to be self-sufficient.

Blog October 19, 2020 

13 Questions With: Catherine Schmidt

Coordinator, Adult Services, Thompson-Nicola Regional Library

Blog July 27, 2020 

Career Spotlight: What I do as High School Librarian in Australia

Alice Reid
Library Manager, Williamstown High School (middle years campus), VIC, Australia

Blog May 27, 2020 

13 Questions With: Lauren Buchanan

Senior Metadata Librarian, University of South Australia

Blog May 25, 2020 

13 Questions With: Sophie Cayer

IM Broker, Employment and Social Development Canada

Blog November 18, 2019 

Freshly Minted: Hridi Das

MLIS Candidate, Faculty of Information and Media Studies, Western University

Blog November 7, 2019 

Freshly Minted: Merran Carr-Wiggin

Research Information System Coordinator, Dalhousie Libraries

Blog September 16, 2019 

13 Questions With: Sarah Khraishi

Records Coordinator, Government of the Northwest Territories

Blog August 19, 2019