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Everything tagged: Profiles

13 Questions With: Catherine Schmidt

Coordinator, Adult Services, Thompson-Nicola Regional Library


Blog July 27, 2020 

Career Spotlight: What I do as High School Librarian in Australia

Alice Reid
Library Manager, Williamstown High School (middle years campus), VIC, Australia


Blog May 27, 2020 

13 Questions With: Lauren Buchanan

Senior Metadata Librarian, University of South Australia


Blog May 25, 2020 

13 Questions With: Sophie Cayer

IM Broker, Employment and Social Development Canada


Blog November 18, 2019 

Freshly Minted: Hridi Das

MLIS Candidate, Faculty of Information and Media Studies, Western University


Blog November 7, 2019 

Freshly Minted: Merran Carr-Wiggin

Research Information System Coordinator, Dalhousie Libraries


Blog September 16, 2019 

13 Questions With: Sarah Khraishi

Records Coordinator, Government of the Northwest Territories


Blog August 19, 2019 

Focus On: Lynne Bowker and Machine Translation Literacy

“All of these elements, such as thinking about whether, when, why, and how to use machine translation, are part of what I term “machine translation literacy”. It basically comes down to being an informed and critical user of this technology, rather than being someone who just pastes and clicks. The ultimate goal of this project is to propose a program for teaching machine translation literacy as part of a broader digital literacy framework.”


Blog July 8, 2019 

How I Work: Ashley Maynor

Digital Scholarship Librarian at New York University / Co-Founder and Program Director of The Library Collective


Blog June 19, 2019 

Freshly Minted: Robyn Edge

MLIS Candidate, Faculty of Information and Media Studies, Western University


Blog June 2, 2019