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Celebrate Canadian Library Month and National Cookbook Month!

Celebrate Canadian Library Month and National Cookbook Month!

October 12, 2021

October is Canadian Library Month. CLM serves as a way to establish new relationships between the libraries and local communities while at the same time developing existing relationships.

October is also National Cookbook Month. What better way is there to build, develop, maintain, and celebrate relationships than sharing food and beverage?

This October, is bringing these two events together with a contest featuring uToronto iSchool alumna Mary Berg and her new cookbook Well Seasoned: A Year’s Worth Of Delicious Recipes.

Beloved home cook, television star, and bestselling author Mary Berg is back with 100 seasonal recipes to inspire your year and delight your palate.

For Mary, cooking meals to enjoy with family is a constant source of joy, no matter the day or time of year. But as for what those meals include? Well, that’s what makes it fun. As the seasons change, so does the food Mary craves and cooks. Sometimes it’s based on what’s available at the farmers’ market, other times it’s based on the weather or how she feels on a particular day. Well Seasoned is a cookbook to celebrate friends and family, giving readers a peek into how Mary cooks over the course of a year.

The recipes in this book range from easy weeknight meals to more elaborate weekend feasts, but all of them share Mary’s simple instructions and warm style. With Mary’s guidance and encouragement, you’ll find beautiful recipes to nourish yourself and your family all year long.

Until October 31, members of the Canadian library and information management community have the opportunity to win a copy of Mary’s book by visiting our Instagram page.

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