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Mary Chevreau Appointed Executive Director of CULC

Mary Chevreau Appointed Executive Director of CULC

January 27, 2024

The Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC) this week announced the selection of Mary Chevreau, chief executive officer of Kitchener Public Libraries, as the organization’s new executive director starting in March 2024. She will succeed Jefferson Gilbert who stepped down after 15 years as executive director.

Congrats to Mary Chevreau, the new CULC/CBUC ED

CULC/CBUC has a new Executive Director!

Mary Chevreau has over 25 years of leadership experience, with excellent skills in strategic planning, advocacy, governance and policy development. She is an expert at working collaboratively, building consensus, and leading projects with multiple decision makers, all essential skills for the CULC/CBUC Executive Director.

Since 2015, Mary has been the Chief Executive Officer of Kitchener Public Libraries, responsible for all aspects of service. She has led large scale projects including establishing new funding strategies for special projects and creating exceptional programming and service in response to community need. She has a knack for developing and leveraging community relationships and exhibits excellent business acumen, allowing her to find creative and compelling solutions that lead to measurable and meaningful outcomes.

Prior to her time at Kitchener Public Libraries, Mary was an independent consultant (2013-2015), as well as the VP, North American Sales for Innovative Interfaces (1996-2013).

The search committee is confident that Mary’s extensive experience, her deep understanding of public libraries, her positive and practical approach to getting things done, and her political acumen will help move CULC/CBUC forward in exciting ways. She impressed the search committee with her vision for CULC/CBUC, and her vision for ways in which the organization can grow to more effectively serve and promote the sector. We look forward to beginning to build our new strategic plan with Mary when we gather in Montreal in May.

Mary has committed to a two-year employment contract in this role, with the intention of building a long-term plan for CULC/CBUC, improving business processes and member services and setting the organization in good stead for the future. Mary will also support the onboarding and mentorship of a future executive leader who will follow her in 2026. We are extraordinarily grateful to Mary for taking on this important role at this time in the organization.

Thank you to Ella Nason, Carol Cooley, Sarah Meilleur, Darren Solomon, Laura Carter, Chrissy Hodgins, and Frances Newman for their participation in the hiring process. She officially begins her new role on March 18, 2024.

Congratulations Mary!

(Via Canadian Urban Libraries Council)

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