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CMEC Copyright Consortium and National Education Organizations Release New Edition of Copyright Matters!

November 3, 2022

TORONTO, November 1, 2022 – A new edition of an important copyright resource for teachers has just been released by the Copyright Consortium of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC), the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF/FCE), and the Canadian School Boards Association (CSBA).

Copyright Matters! provides practical information for Canadian teachers on their rights and responsibilities regarding the use of copyright-protected materials in educational institutions. The 5th edition includes new information on copyright and online learning, and is now available as an online resource and for download at

“The education ministers belonging to the Consortium are pleased to be making this resource available, as it provides essential copyright information for teachers to guide their use of copyright-protected materials in their lessons,” said the Honourable Becky Druhan, Chair of the CMEC Copyright Consortium and Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development in Nova Scotia. “Consortium-member ministries of education are responsible stewards of copyright and, as such, view copyright compliance as a priority. Over the years, Copyright Matters! has become a key publication for furthering educators’ understanding of copyright.”

“For teachers across Canada, Copyright Matters! is an important resource that helps them to navigate copyright law and identify what materials they can use in the classroom,” said Sam Hammond, President of the CTF/FCE. “The fair dealing guidelines that are used in Canada ensure that the teaching profession is well-equipped to create lessons that not only help educate students and broaden their perspectives, but also respect the rights of artists and publishers.”

“School boards are pleased to partner with provincial and territorial ministries and teachers’ federations to offer this new edition of Copyright Matters!,” said Alan Campbell, President of CSBA. “While it is primarily for teachers, we have found that students, families, and education administrators also find the publication useful. It has proven indispensable for those wishing to know copyright law and how it applies in an education setting.”

(Via Council of Ministers of Education)

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