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Government of Ontario

Ontario Government Launches Data Strategy Consultations

February 5, 2019

The Government of Ontario today launched consultations to seek “public input for a provincial strategy that will help Ontarians and businesses benefit directly from the data economy, while being confident that their privacy is protected.”

Public consultations will take place in three phases:

Phase 1: Initiate (February-March 2019)
Launch a pre-consultation on the data strategy

Phase 2: Propose (Spring 2019)
Begin province-wide roundtables and continued consultations to explore key topics (in person and online)

Phase 3: Refine (Fall 2019)
Refine and finalize the strategy with the public and businesses (in person and online)

As part of Phase 1, Ontarians will be able to participate in the consultations through an online survey until March 7, 2019. The consultations will explore three key topics:

  1. Promoting Public Trust and Confidence: In the face of growing risks, ensure public trust and confidence in the data economy by introducing world-leading, best-in-class privacy protections.
  2. Creating Economic Benefits: Enabling Ontario firms to develop data-driven business models and seize the commercial value of data.
  3. Enabling Better, Smarter, Efficient Government: Unlocking the value of government data by promoting use of data-driven technologies.

As part of the consultations, the government is also asking Ontarians to help develop the core principles of Ontario’s Data Strategy.

The initial draft principles are:

  1. Data privacy and protection is paramount.
  2. Data policies must be beneficial, transparent, and easy to understand to the people of Ontario.
  3. Data is necessary for effective and responsible government decision-making.
  4. Data should be collected responsibly and kept safe and secure.
  5. Data is a key economic and social driver.

(Via Government of Ontario)

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  • Dani Shaw says:

    Looking forward to hearing more about the strategy.

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