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Blog posts tagged: Canadian Library Association

Attending the Canadian Library Association (CLA) Forum on a Budget

We’ve compiled information for you on where to stay and where to dine – all without breaking the bank.


Blog May 1, 2016 

Marc Truitt: An Open Letter to the Members of the Executive Committee of the Canadian Library Association

The leadership owes CLA members the respect of a process that is simple, straightforward, accountable, and engaging. I regret to say that the proxy gambit is none of these.


Blog January 19, 2016 

Final Proposal for the Creation of the Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA)

FAQs about the proposal and a side-by-side view of the October 2 and December 18 versions of the proposal to create the CFLA.


Blog December 19, 2015 

Updates from Future CLA Working Group

The Future CLA Working Group, established by the attendees at the Future CLA Stakeholder Forum in January 2015, has updated its blog with several new documents.


Blog April 24, 2015