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Updates from Future CLA Working Group

April 24, 2015

The Future CLA Working Group, established by the attendees at the Future CLA Stakeholder Forum in January 2015, has updated its blog with several new documents:

Terms of Reference


  • To review the notes of the Stakeholder Forum and feedback received regarding the proposed model.
  • To research and review options for the proposed federated model for CLA.
  • To make recommendations to the Future CLA Stakeholder Group regarding the proposed federated model, including purpose, governance, membership, and financial structure.
  • To incorporate Stakeholder Group direction into a revised proposal for consideration by associations and the various associations’ memberships.
  • To advise on broader community engagement and consultation on the revised discussion paper.


Draft Timeline

Send detailed proposal materials to Stakeholder Group. Issue member update. May 15, 2015
Meet with Stakeholder Group to discuss details of proposed revision June 2, 2015
Present facets of model for discussion with members at CLA Conference Conference
Assemble feedback from CLA and other sources for Working Group review June 15-25
Identify revised proposal changes (version 2) July
Confirm revised proposal facets with large stakeholder group and complete revised proposal (version 2) August
Issue revised proposal (version 2) to library community September
Consultation with various library association memberships and library community. Gather feedback and confirm revisions to version 2. October/
Prepare final proposal (version 3) December
Issue final proposal (version 3) January 1, 2016
Decision-making by member associations TBC
CLA vote on motion TBC

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