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News tagged: Government information

Announcing GovInfo Days Spring 2024

Registration is free, but sign up is required (for each event).

News April 20, 2024 

Internet Archive Canada, Canadian Government Information Digital Preservation Network (CGI-DPN) Partner to Preserve Government Information

As a result of the collaboration between Internet Archive Canada and the CGI-DPN, during 2023-2024 the data cap for CGI-DPN will be doubled its current capacity.

News October 24, 2023 

Highlights from the Report of the Public Inquiry into the 2022 Public Order Emergency

Highlights from the Report of the Public Inquiry into the 2022 Public Order Emergency of interest to the Canadian library and information management community

News February 19, 2023 

Exploration of the Impact of Canada’s Information Management Regime on First Nations Data Sovereignty

The discussion paper from the First Nations Information Governance Centre explores the conflicts between the current Canadian information management regime and First Nations data sovereignty and offers suggestions for further exploration that may offer short‑term and long‑term improvements of the system.

News August 30, 2022 

Save the Date(s)!! Government Information Day(s): Coast to Coast 2022

The next “Government Information Day(s): Coast to Coast” will held sometime during Tuesday, December 13th – Thursday, December 15th, 2022 – for any part of those dates, or on all three.

News May 6, 2022 

Updated Research Guide from the Statistics Canada Library

The new version of the guide is a comprehensive inventory that links to sources of historical statistics.

News February 15, 2022 

Study of Provincial and Territorial Measures to Support Official Languages in Libraries

The research focused on official languages measures in libraries in Canada. It consisted of a literature review and a survey of the legislative, regulatory and policy measures adopted by the provinces and territories to govern public libraries and language practices. It also looked at the contribution of university libraries, on the one hand, and that of community libraries and book fairs, on the other, to the vitality of official language minority communities (OLMCs).

News January 13, 2022 

Call for Proposals: Government Information Day(s) 2021: coast to coast!

Deadline: October 27, 2021

News October 17, 2021 

Call for Volunteers: Government Information Day(s) 2021: coast to coast!

Engage with colleagues across the country and further afield. Learn what your government information counterparts are working on, concerned by, and celebrate some achievements.

News September 28, 2021 

Government Information Day(s) 2021: Coast to Coast! Save the Dates!

The event is tentatively scheduled for 14, 15 and 16 December.

News September 9, 2021