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Everything tagged: Intellectual freedom

CFLA Intellectual Freedom Brief on Challenges to Irreversible Damage by Abigail Shrier

The brief highlights the responsibility of libraries support intellectual freedom and safeguard free expression while acknowleding that these conversations may have negative impacts on relationships with communities served by libraries.

News July 30, 2021 

CFLA: Bill C-10 Opens Door to Infringement of Canadians’ Freedom of Expression

Restoring the exemption for end-user content brings Bill C-10 in line with other relevant legislation and provides assurance that Canadians’ freedom of expression will not be abridged through CRTC regulation.

News May 5, 2021 

IFLA Launches Survey on Intellectual Freedom

To mark Human Rights Day 2020, IFLA has opened a survey seeking views on intellectual freedom developments in recent years, their impact on libraries, and potential revisions to IFLA’s Statement on the subject.

News December 10, 2020 

CFLA Launches 2020 Intellectual Freedom Challenges Survey

The purpose of the survey is to gather data about the nature and outcomes of challenges to intellectual freedom initiated in publicly funded Canadian libraries (e.g., public, school, post-secondary, and government).

News December 7, 2020 

Call for Abstracts: IFLA Journal special issue on Intellectual Freedom

Submission Deadline: 1 March 2021

News December 4, 2020 

National Library Associations Speak Out on Tech Industry Censorship and Access to Government Information

Over the last two weeks, Canada’s national voices for the library community issued statements on access to government information and censorship by the tech industry.

News October 4, 2020 

Banned Books Week, the Freedom to Read, and Canadian Libraries

Initiated by the Canadian Library Association in 2006, the Intellectual Freedom Challenges Survey gathers information about the nature and outcome of challenges experienced in each calendar year by publicly-funded libraries across Canada to their materials and policies.

Blog September 27, 2020 

No New Laws Required To Hold Social Media Accountable For Illegal Content

In a research report released today, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting argues that “in the eyes of Canadian law, social media companies like Facebook and YouTube are arguably publishers, opening the platforms to legal liability for user-generated content.”

News September 21, 2020 

Recent Library of Parliament Research Publications

The Library of Parliament has released a number of research publications on topics of interest to the library and IM community, including: Privacy, Freedom of Expression

News April 30, 2020 

This April, Join Canada’s Library Communities Where the Rivers Meet

For three days this April, Canada’s library communities are coming together Where the Rivers Meet—in Winnipeg, Manitoba—for local, provincial, and national conversations on topics that shape and challenge the profession.

News March 9, 2020