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Everything tagged: Surveys

Majority of Canadians get their news from mainstream sources, poll shows

The study found that of those Canadians who consult the news daily, their top news sources in ranked order are: a regular newscast on a TV station for either evening or late broadcast (45%), followed by a newspaper website (29%), a TV news website (29%), a TV station dedicated to only business news and information (29%), social media sites like Facebook or Instagram (26%), and radio news broadcasts (24%).

News September 28, 2022 

CUPE Saskatchewan Library Workers Survey on Workplace Violence and Harassment

CUPE Saskatchewan is conducting a provincial survey of library workers to better determine the extent of violence and harassment in workplaces.

News July 10, 2022 

IFLA North America Copyright Survey

The IFLA North America Regional Division Committee is conducting a survey to help understand what topics library workers and leaders are interested in updates about in relation to copyright and international activities.

News June 18, 2022 

Surveys for EDI Strategies in Recruitment in Libraries

The surveys are part of a project to develop a toolkit to help libraries achieve more racially equitable workforces; libraries can become stronger, more effective and relevant by hiring people with diverse lived experiences, talents, and abilities.

News June 8, 2022 

IFLA Survey on Library Support for People with Disabilities

The survey will be open until June 20, 2022.

News May 26, 2022 

Survey: Will Blockchain Technology Change How Well National Archives Preserve the Trustworthiness of E-Records

This research aims to examine the perspective of national archives on blockchain technology, discover their activities in this regard, and analyze their views on how the mentioned technology can play a role in preserving trustworthiness.

News May 9, 2022 

Consultations on Education and Competencies for Library Technicians in Canada: Invitation to Library Managers and Supervisors

The goal of this project is to provide a substantial update to the Guidelines for the Education of Library Technicians.

News October 29, 2021 

Call for Survey Participation: Education and Competencies for Library Technicians in Canada

The goal of this project is to provide a substantial update to the Guidelines for the Education of Library Technicians.

News October 21, 2021 

Invitation to Participate: Survey on Records Professionals’ Perceptions of Professional Identity

“Our research goal is to determine what beliefs and values records professionals share as a means of exploring professional identity. The findings of this research will help to build a body of knowledge that contributes to defining the global records profession and lay the foundation for further study perceptions of professional identity.”

News July 20, 2021 

National Heritage Digitization Strategy (NHDS) Strategic Planning Survey

The aim for the NHDS strategic planning process is to identify short-term and long-term projects and initiatives to be undertaken by the NHDS, understand community-driven priorities, and assist in shaping the organizational structure of NHDS going forward.

News July 14, 2021