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Everything tagged: Surveys

Reading Bestsellers Survey

You are invited to participate in this research study about the types of books that you read, how you choose them and whether or not you share your thoughts about reading with anyone.


News February 16, 2020 

Survey on Orientation Sessions in Special Libraries

How does your special library or information center address new client / user orientations?


News February 8, 2020 

Survey: Perceptions of Librarians on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assistants

The purpose of the survey is to understand the relationship between librarians in Canada and the US and their understanding of AI in the workplace.


News July 23, 2019 

2019 State of Canadian UX Survey

The report will track a variety of indices, from demographics to practice maturity levels, training sources to UX salary figures, roles to design, research and collaboration toolsets, etc.


News July 22, 2019 

IFLA Survey of LGBTIQ+ Library Resources and Services

The purpose of this survey is to determine how libraries around the world recognize and meet the needs of LGBTIQ+ populations, as well as the need for cisgender and/or heterosexual populations to have access to information and resources about LGBTIQ+ people and issues.


News July 8, 2019 

Invitation To Contribute to the GLAM Value Study

The study will analyze the social and economic impacts of the sector on the basis of data provided by Canadian GLAMs as well as on the basis of a survey of the Canadian population.


News May 22, 2019 

Digitization in Ontario Public Libraries: A Fresh Look

A new report from OurDigitalWorld looks at the current state of digitization in Ontario public libraries – projects, best practices, capacity, and areas for improvement.


News January 24, 2019 

Have you completed a successful project with partners in the GLAM Sector? Share your story!

“With this information we hope to extract best practices, lessons learned but also challenges, with a view to providing meaningful tools to help the sector increase the volume and success of these partnerships.”


News January 21, 2019 

Invitation to Participate: Cultural Sector Labour Market Information (LMI) Survey

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) and the Conference Board of Canada (CBoC) are undertaking an update of the 2010 Labour Market Information Study of the cultural labour force.


News November 27, 2018 

Étude d’information sur le marché du travail (IMT) de la main-d’œuvre culturelle : invitation à participer au questionnaire de l’étude

Le Conseil des ressources humaines du secteur culturel (CRHSC) et le Conference Board du Canada (CBdC) entreprennent une mise à jour de l’Information sur le marché du travail du secteur culturel (IMT) publiée en 2010.


News November 27, 2018