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13 Questions With: Beth Goslett

13 Questions With: Beth Goslett

December 7, 2015

Supervising Librarian, Beaverbrook Branch, Ottawa Public Library

A hero who has inspired you in your career?

I have two fictional heroes – Lois Lane and Anne of Green Gables. These two characters have never shied away from challenges and they both have careers that they enjoy.

The first job you ever held and at what age and your first position in the library and/or information services field?

I have always worked with children and my first actual job was working as a camp counselor at an ESL camp in Quebec called AngloFun. I am still friends with many of the people I worked with there. After I graduated from library school, I went to work at the Moncton Public Library as an adult reference librarian. I really enjoyed my time there and I gained a ton of great experience. I was also able to drive to the beach after work in the summer!

Why a career in librarianship?

I honestly thought I would become a teacher. When I graduated from my Bachelor’s, I had applied to two teacher’s colleges and two library schools. I remember being at camp in the summer and making the decision. I wanted to help people and work in education. A lot what I do is like teaching. I just did three presentations about Autumn for grades K-2. I get excited about visiting classes in the schools and complementing the curriculum.

Coolest thing in your cubicle or office?

Ears! I have costume bunny, Minnie Mouse, Dalmatian ears, alien antenna and am adding to the collection as we speak. I originally made most of them for Halloween costumes and now use them during special storytimes. I love dressing up for Halloween and this year, I have a couple of ideas in the works. I can guarantee you they will involve ears.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Reality TV, pumpkin spice lattes and leggings although I don’t consider these guilty at all.

Career advice – what’s your top tip?

How about 2 tips?

Be yourself and don’t sit on your degree. It’s important to showcase your personality and get out into the field right away even if it means volunteering at first.

What useless skill(s) do you possess?

Many drawers in my brain are full of celebrities, their children and the movies they have been in. Make sure to invite me to trivia if you need a pop culture expert.

Proudest moment in your professional life?

When I was hired as the Supervising Librarian in Children’s at the Beaverbrook Branch. I love my job.

If you had 24 hours all to yourself, how would you best like to spend it?

I would probably get lonely spending a full 24 hours alone, but if my dog was there it could probably be manageable.

I would definitely be in a yoga class or two and watching some Netflix (get on Happy Valley if you haven’t seen it yet). But I honestly really enjoy spending time with my sister and my friends going to craft shows, seeing concerts and trying out new Ottawa restaurants.

If you didn’t work in the information industry, what would you be doing?

I would, no doubt, be a teacher. In fact, I almost went to teacher’s college. Both my parents are teachers and I have always worked with kids, so it seemed like the natural step. I just received a certificate in Yin Yoga teaching as well.

Now, if I was independently wealthy and didn’t have to work, I’d probably audit classes at the University. I love learning and miss the being in lectures. I recently got certified to teach Yin Yoga, a specific kind of yoga which involves holding poses for 3-5 minutes. I could see myself travelling the world practicing and teaching. In fact, I would love to go to a yoga retreat in Bali. It’s on my bucket list.

Finish this sentence: “In high school, I would have been voted the person most likely to … “

I had to email my two closest friends in high school about this one and they gave me ridiculous answers.

Most likely to know all the lyrics to the S Club 7 songs. Aren’t they touring again?

Most likely to move to the Maritimes. Did it.

Most likely to become Anne of Green Gables. See Question 1.

How do you stay current in your field?

I usually stay current through volunteering and networking. I am a people-person who enjoys meeting and talking to new people. I read blogs and attend training, of course, but I’ve learned so much more by discussing issues with others in the field and volunteering at conferences and on local committees.

What would you like your headstone to read?

Beloved Sister
Devoted Friend
She saved the world a lot
(Oh wait, that’s already taken, right? 😉


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