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Thank you to the many volunteers who build and strengthen our profession!

April 15, 2018

National Volunteer Week 2018 poster

It’s National Volunteer Week! would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the achievements, dedication and hard work of the many volunteers who contribute their time and energy to make a difference in our profession. recognizes the efforts of the volunteers who serve in many different capacities, including:

  • mentors
  • contributors to the professional literature
  • advocates and champions for the profession
  • speakers and presenters at conferences, workshops, events, and in classrooms
  • conferences and events organizers, planners, and workers
  • student leaders
  • members of committees, working groups, task forces, juries, councils, etc.
  • and all the other roles not listed.

These selfless individuals give countless hours of their time and share their wisdom and skills – they truly are the backbone of the profession!

We would also like to recognize the contribution of the many institutions in all sectors which employ these volunteers, and which provide them with the support they need to take vital leadership roles in the activities of the profession. Thank you for sharing your staff!

Each year, over 12 million volunteers across Canada dedicate over 2 billion hours of their time to make a difference in our world. If your organization relies on the efforts of volunteers, take time this week to say “Thanks – you make a difference!”

Thank you to all of the dedicated volunteers in our community! You make a difference to our profession across the country and around the world!


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