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CFLA Copyright Committee Update (April 2024)

CFLA Copyright Committee Update (April 2024)

April 23, 2024

  • CFLA-FCAB Board approved the Committee’s recommendations for updating the WIPO Good Practice Toolkit for Collective Management Organizations (WIPO = World Intellectual Property Organization). These updates were done in conjunction with IFLA’s Copyright and Other Legal Matters Committee and will be sent to WIPO.
  • Committee learned from Colleges and Institutes of Canada that it is unlikely that any Copyright Act changes will be made prior to the election. Federal focus instead is on the Digital Charter Implementation Act.
  • Crown Copyright Code of Best Practices For Libraries is close to completion as the legal opinions have been incorporated and the document is being edited. It should be available in the summer.
  • E-book Collaboration with CULC Working group reported that CULC (Canadian Urban Libraries Council) has recommended pursuing fairer ebook legislation under provincial consumer protection legislation with a willing provincial partner in a province with a favourable government and legislative climate.
  • CARL (Canadian Association of Research Libraries) shared their Letter to the Editor of the Hill Times submitted in response to the April 8th, Hill Times Opinion piece regarding the need for copyright reform. The letter is available on the CARL website.

(Via CFLA Copyright Committee)

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