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Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) Launches New Magazine

January 18, 2016

Premiere issue of Signatures: The Magazine of Library and Archives Canada available online

Signatures: The Magazine of Library and Archives Canada was written and produced by the staff of Library and Archives Canada (LAC) including librarians, archivists, conservators, curators, and many other specialists. This new journal seeks to make known and interpret the living cultural, civic, and historical record of Canada as reflected in its documentary heritage.

Published twice a year, Signatures provides a behind-the-scenes look at LAC’s collections and the technical expertise involved in acquiring, preserving, and supporting access to our shared history.

Signatures, Fall/Winter 2015 [9 MB]

Table of Contents

Guy Berthiaume

Stories in the Archives
Leah Sander

Life at Library and Archives Canada: Creating a Podcast
Tom Thompson

Wallot-Sylvestre Seminars
Lucie L. Séguin

The Conservation Work Behind Mirrors with Memory: Daguerreotypes from LAC
Tania Passafiume and Jennifer Roger

LAC Participation at Truth and Reconciliation Commission National Events
Sarah Hurford, Jenna Murdock Smith and Susanne Sulzberger

Collection Spotlight: Bell Features
Meaghan Scanlon

LAC Perspectives


Cover image with close-up of the Secret bench of Knowledge statue


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