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New Issue of <em>Pathfinder</em> Available

New Issue of Pathfinder Available

May 6, 2021

Vol 2, No 2 (2021)

Full Issue

Table of Contents


Indians in the Database: Student Relationships with Subject Headings
Christian Isbister

Inclusion and Identification of Locally-Authored Items in Library Collections
Rynnelle Wiebe

Scholarly Articles

Library Considerations for the Colonial Impacts of Indigenous Cookbook Publishing
Devon Stolz

Self-Representation and Decolonial Learning in Library Makerspaces: Indigenous Digital Storytelling
Helen Zhang

Book Reviews

Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism
Kaia MacLeod

Literature Reviews

Museums Without Walls: A temporal analysis of virtual exhibitions in GLAM institutions
Freyja Catton, Laura Smith

Library Services for Autistic Students in Academic Libraries: A Literature Review
Erica Braumberger


The Impact of COVID-19 on Library Users
Rosalind “Rose” Derksen

Research Posters

Best Practices & Qualities of Recreational Dementia Friendly Reading Materials
Jennifer Laskosky

(Via Pathfinder)

Pathfinder is a student-led, open access journal dedicated to promoting the scholarly work of students and early career information professionals from across Canada. Based at the University of Alberta, issues are published once a year and are peer-reviewed.

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