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Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library & Information Practice & Research

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September 5, 2018

Vol 13, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents

Theory and Research

Academic Librarians and the PhD
Michael Ridley

Developing Research Data Management Services and Support for Researchers: A Mixed Methods Study
Laure Perrier, Leslie Barnes

Taming the Mob: the Early Public Library and the Creation of Good Citizens
Natasha Gerolami

Academic Librarians with Disabilities: Job Perceptions and Factors Influencing Positive Workplace Experiences
Joanne Oud

Canadian and South African Scholars’ Use of Institutional Repositories, ResearchGate, and
David Roy Scott, Marinus Swanepoel

Innovations in Practice

Collaboratively Creating a Programmatic Information Literacy Strategy: Challenges and Opportunities
Tom Adam, Colleen Burgess, Kim McPhee, Leanne Olson, Christy Sich

Book Reviews

The Dialectic of Academic Librarianship
Desmond Maley

Holden, J. (2017). Acquisitions: Core Concepts and Practice. Chicago, IL: Neal-Schuman.
Alain R. Lamothe

Libraries in the Information Age: An Introduction and Career Exploration.
Ashley Thomson

News and Announcements

Indigenous Canada MOOC continues to partner with CFLA-FCAB Indigenous Matters Committee / Comité des questions autochtones (IMC-CQA)

Professional Development

Roundtable: How do you like to do professional development?
Karen Tiveron, Stephanie Savage

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