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Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library & Information Practice & Research

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January 6, 2020

Vol 14, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents

Editor’s Comments

Featuring ‘Features’
Jessica Lange, Tamara Noor

Response to: Schira, H. R., & Hurst, C. (2019). Hype or Real Threat: The Extent of Predatory Journals in Student Bibliographies. Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research, 14(1).
Frank Houghton

Theory and Research

Perceptions and Experiences of Precarious Employment in Canadian Libraries: An Exploratory Study
Ean Henninger, Adena Brons, Chloe Riley, Crystal Yin

Innovations in Practice

Aligning the Stars: Understanding Digital Scholarship Needs to Support the Evolving Nature of Academic Research
Christie Hurrell

Course Journals: Leveraging Library Publishing to Engage Students at the Intersection of Open Pedagogy, Scholarly Communications, and Information Literacy
Kate Shuttleworth, Kevin Stranack, Alison Moore


Scaffolding Self-direction with the ACRL Framework: A Reflection-Based Approach
Andrea Cameron, MLIS, MEd

Winnipeg’s Millennium Library needs Solidarity, not Security
Brianne Selman, Joe Curnow

After Microlog
Graeme Campbell, Michelle Lake, Catherine McGoveran

Book Reviews

Canadian Electronic Library: dèsLibris (Database Review)
Linwood DeLong

Searching the Grey Literature: A Handbook for Searching Reports, Working Papers, and Other Unpublished Research (Book Review)
Ashley Thomson

Research Methods for Librarians and Educators: Practical Applications in Formal and Informal Learning Environments (Book Review)
Ashley Thomson

Critical Literacy for Information Professionals (Book Review)
Desmond Maley

Toward a Critical-Inclusive Assessment Practice for Library Instruction (Book Review)
Deborah Hemming

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