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Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association

Saskatchewan Municipalities Call for Improved Funding of Public Libraries

February 12, 2018

At its annual convention earlier this month, the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) called on the provincial government to improve funding of the public library system.

Supporting the Public Library System

Year: 2018
Sponsor: Town of Aberdeen

Whereas libraries have been central to communities for hundreds of years, creating a passion for reading and learning; and

Whereas, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds, libraries plug us into our communities and can be counted on to provide the resources needed to succeed, including: answers to many important questions; access to reading materials for those who cannot afford to purchase books; and an internet connection for information, banking, communications, job searches, and filling out government forms; and

Whereas libraries do much more than collect books, offering programs such as the Single Integrated Library System (SILS), preschool programs, reading programs, book clubs, story time, summer reading programs, and seniors programs; and

Whereas an amalgamation with school libraries that have limited public access and resources for an entire community would weaken the public library system; and

Whereas Minister Morgan is quoted as stating “we heard from the people of Saskatchewan that equitable library services, resource sharing and a strong library system are a vital part of our infrastructure and important to our vision for the future of Saskatchewan;”

Therefore be it resolved that the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association advocate the Government of Saskatchewan to adequately fund the public library system to keep pace with inflation, and ensure that both large and small community libraries can meet the programming and educational needs that are an integral part of library programming and services for their communities; and

Be it further resolved that the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association participate fully in any government review, advocating for improved services and adequate funding for the development of a long-term strategy for the future of Saskatchewan libraries that includes engaging the library community, municipalities, and the public to ensure support for our community library services, SILS, and programming for all ages and patrons regardless of socio-economic status.

(Via Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association)


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  1. J N says:

    Well stated SUMA.

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