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News tagged: Public librarianship

Regina Public Library: The Musical

Just in time for Canadian Library Month and Saskatchewan Library Week!

News October 3, 2021 

Stanley Cup Playoffs 2021 (Second Round): Public Library Edition

The Second Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs has begun and the rivalry between public libraries continues!

News June 5, 2021 

Survey for Library Staff on Accessibility in Canadian Public Libraries

This survey is part of a collaborative project, funded by the Government of Canada, co-led by NNELS and CELA, in partnership with eBOUND, to create a consolidated nation-wide Library Resource Centre (website) focusing on awareness and training for library staff on understanding the importance of accessibility in public libraries.

News May 26, 2021 

Stanley Cup Playoffs 2021 (First Round): Public Library Edition

The Stanley Cup Playoffs have begun and the rivalry between public libraries is heating up!

News May 22, 2021 

Study Invitation — Canadian Libraries and the Opioid Crisis: Before and During COVID-19

This study will identify how Canadian public libraries are responding to the opioid crisis in their communities, before and during COVID-19.

News May 11, 2021 

“It Isn’t Enough to Not Be Racist”: Anti-Racist Leadership and Public Libraries

The Urban Libraries Council (ULC) this week called on all library executives to own the challenge and impact of enduring racism, acknowledge their own biases and use their leadership to dismantle structural racism, starting in their own library systems.

News April 21, 2021 

Research and Survey Opportunity: Temporary Caregivers and the Children in their Care: Fostering an Engaging and Supportive Library Environment

Could you spare 10 minutes to answer a survey and help us learn more about how public libraries can support temporary caregivers and the child(ren) in their care?

News March 12, 2021 

Ontario News: Expanded Library Broadband, Consultations on Digital ID Program

The Government of Ontario this week made two announcements related to broadband for public libraries and consultations on digital identity

News February 6, 2021