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Everything tagged: Public librarianship

CUPE Releases Report on Violence Faced by Saskatchewan Library Workers

CUPE last week released the results of a survey conducted in 2022 to better understand the level of workplace violence and harassment facing Saskatchewan library workers and possible solutions to address this problem.

News March 19, 2023 

“Palaces for the People”: Mapping Public Libraries’ Capacity for Social Connection and Inclusion

How do public libraries help patrons create or maintain connections in their communities? What population groups are included in public library research and in what ways are they differently impacted by public library services, materials, and/or spaces? How are public library virtual programming and services changing the ways in which patrons engage with public libraries?

News December 6, 2022 

On Loan: Library Use in Canada 2021

BookNet Canada today released a new study that benchmarks library use in Canada by exploring the browsing, borrowing, and reading habits of Canadian library patrons.

News August 9, 2022 

CUPE Saskatchewan Library Workers Survey on Workplace Violence and Harassment

CUPE Saskatchewan is conducting a provincial survey of library workers to better determine the extent of violence and harassment in workplaces.

News July 10, 2022 

One eRead Canada Book Club 2022

Libraries across Canada are offering free, unlimited eBook and audiobook access to The Break by Katherena Vermette for the month of April.

News March 19, 2022 

Digital Loans in Canadian Libraries Increased 56% Since 2019

Data from Overdrive, the leading digital reading platform for libraries worldwide, highlight the continued growth of digital loans in Canadian libraries.

News January 14, 2022 

Study of Provincial and Territorial Measures to Support Official Languages in Libraries

The research focused on official languages measures in libraries in Canada. It consisted of a literature review and a survey of the legislative, regulatory and policy measures adopted by the provinces and territories to govern public libraries and language practices. It also looked at the contribution of university libraries, on the one hand, and that of community libraries and book fairs, on the other, to the vitality of official language minority communities (OLMCs).

News January 13, 2022 

Survey – Canadian Public Library Pandemic Response: Bridging the Digital Divide

The aims of this research are to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on computer and Internet access services at public libraries in Canada and identify the strategies they have been using to maintain the services.

News November 11, 2021 

Enquête – Réponse à la pandémie des bibliothèques publiques canadiennes : Combler la fracture numérique

Les objectifs de cette recherche sont de comprendre l’impact de la pandémie de COVID-19 sur les services d’accès aux ordinateurs et à l’Internet dans les bibliothèques publiques au Canada, et d’identifier les stratégies qu’ils ont utilisées pour maintenir ces services.

News November 11, 2021 

Regina Public Library: The Musical

Just in time for Canadian Library Month and Saskatchewan Library Week!

News October 3, 2021