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News tagged: Diversity

IJIDI Special Issue on Diversity, Recordkeeping and Archivy

The latest edition of the International Journal of Information, Diversity and Inclusion (IJIDI) is a theme issue on Diversity, Recordkeeping and Archivy.

News February 21, 2021 

Survey of Visible Minority Librarians in Canada

This survey will help ViMLoC identify visible minority librarians’ needs and propose projects to empower them in their current positions or their future career development, such as mentorship programming, leadership training, and networking opportunities.

News January 22, 2021 

CARL Releases Strategies and Practices for Hiring and Retaining Diverse Talent

The document provides a set of broad recruitment and retention strategies, each with accompanying suggested practices.

News December 10, 2020 

Racial Pay Gap: An Analysis of CARL Libraries

This paper uses data from the 2014 8Rs CARL Libraries Practitioner Survey to assess the impact of race on the earnings attainment process based on a sample of 392 CARL library practitioners.

News July 23, 2020 

Diversity Librarianship Survey

A current MLIS student completing an independent study course at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro is interested in exploring the efforts academic libraries are doing to serve historically marginalized populations (including People of Color, Women, LGBTQ+ and People with Disabilities) in higher education.

News December 11, 2019 

Do Canadians want more diverse books?

62% of readers actively seek out books about diverse topics or experiences or by diverse authors. 31% of all respondents said they would read more if they were able to get access to more diverse books

News May 12, 2019 

ARL Diversity Scholars and Fellows for Digital and Inclusive Excellence Selected

The 2018–2020 ARL Diversity Scholars cohort and the 2018–2019 Fellowship for Digital and Inclusive Excellence cohort include several students from Canadian schools.

News July 28, 2018 

Keren Dali, Nadia Caidi Receive ALA Award for “Diversity by Design”

The ALA David Cohen/EMIERT Multicultural Award recognizes recent articles that include significant new research related to the understanding and promotion of multiculturalism in libraries in North America.

News May 20, 2018 

CFLA Statement on Québec Bill 62

“la diversité et l’inclusion sont une valeur fondamentale des bibliothèques et un élément central de l’identité de notre pays”

News October 24, 2017