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Everything tagged: Indigenous Peoples

CFLA Calls for the Release of all Outstanding Residential School Records

The Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA) today issued a statement calling for the release of all outstanding residential school records held by the Catholic Church and various levels of government.

News September 29, 2022 

Exploration of the Impact of Canada’s Information Management Regime on First Nations Data Sovereignty

The discussion paper from the First Nations Information Governance Centre explores the conflicts between the current Canadian information management regime and First Nations data sovereignty and offers suggestions for further exploration that may offer short‑term and long‑term improvements of the system.

News August 30, 2022 

Highlights from Budget 2022

Highlights of interest to the Canadian library and information management community

Blog April 7, 2022 

Recent Library of Parliament Research Publications (March 2022)

The Library of Parliament has recently released a number of research publications on topics of interest to the library and information management community.

News March 1, 2022 

A Reconciliation Framework for the Canadian Archival Community

This framework provides a road map of sorts, setting out a vision, foundational principles, and a transformative path forward for the archives profession in Canada.

News February 24, 2022 

Highlights from the 2021 Ministerial Mandate Letters

Highlights from ministerial mandate letters on issues of interest to the librarianship community.

Blog December 16, 2021 

New Issue of IFLA Journal Available

Special Issue: Indigenous Librarianship

News November 14, 2021 

Library and Archives Canada Announces Funding for 19 Projects to Digitize and Preserve Indigenous Language and Culture Recordings

Nineteen Indigenous organizations will receive funding from LAC’s Listen, Hear Our Voices initiative to digitize and make accessible their existing audio and video heritage.

News August 13, 2021 

Statements from the Canadian Library and GLAM Community Related to Missing Children and Indian Residential Schools

A listing of statements and commitments made by the Canadian library, archives, and museum community following the confirmation of the remains of children who were students of Indian Residential Schools in Kamloops and other locations in Canada.

Blog June 20, 2021 

Highlights from Budget 2021

Highlights of interest to the Canadian library and information management community

Blog April 19, 2021