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Available for Purchase—<em>Bites by the Books: A Cookbook from the Canadian Librarianship Community</em>

Available for Purchase—Bites by the Books: A Cookbook from the Canadian Librarianship Community

December 5, 2018

For all you foodies out there – both newbies and expert (seasoned) – is pleased to bring you Bites by the Books, a collection of over 70 recipes submitted by members of the Canadian librarianship community.

The price of each cookbook is:

Supporting the Community

As a product sourced from the community, is using sales of the cookbook to contribute back to the Canadian librarianship community.

Five dollars ($5) from each purchase (either the print or PDF edition) will be contributed to one of these two initiatives:

  • GELA Prison Storybook Project
  • Twice Upon a Time

(We will email each customer to confirm which initiative they would like to support.)

GELA Prison Storybook Project

The Storybook Project is the Greater Edmonton Library Association’s (GELA) longest-running program to date. Since 2008, the project has worked with women who are incarcerated, to support their connections with their children, grandchildren, siblings, nieces, or nephews — or any child in their family. GELA volunteers acquire new picture books and other books for young readers that we bring to the prison. A woman will choose one of the books, and read it aloud, while a GELA volunteer records the reading. GELA then packages the recording and the book to send to the child.

We have sent out over 2000 packages to young people on behalf of their relatives. This program is fully volunteer-run and funded by GELA’s fundraising endeavours. Your decision to donate proceeds towards this project means so much to children and adults who are involved.

Twice Upon a Time

Twice Upon a Time: free books for Ottawa’s kids, is a volunteer run organization that provides free books for children from birth to twelve years old. Our mission is to support early literacy skills and foster a love of reading through book ownership by making books available in the home. Children who visit any of our locations can choose a book for themselves to keep for free, each time they visit. Our books are received through donations and purchases, and are carefully sorted to ensure that the books we give to children are in new or near-new condition. Twice Upon a Time was founded in 2014 by a diverse group of volunteers who are passionate about early literacy and books.

On #GivingTuesday 2018, Twice Upon a Time launched its newest annual Development Appeal Campaign – Joie de livre! French Books for Ottawa’s Kids. This is our major project of building capacity to meet the urgent demand for French language materials. 28% of books chosen by children at our sites are in French. Much of the French language material donated is dated, of poor quality or not representative of our community. This means we must supplement French donations in order to offer adequate and appropriate material for the children who visit.


Title: Bites by the Books: A Cookbook from the Canadian Librarianship Community
Editor: Casarina Hocevar
Dimensions: 99 pages, 8.5 x 11 in
Release Date: December 1, 2018
ISBN 978-0-9952219-1-8
ISBN 978-0-9952219-2-5 (PDF)
Language: English

Bites by the Book – Table of Contents

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