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Evidence Based Library and Information Practice

New Issue of Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Available

September 17, 2020

Vol 15, No 3 (2020)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Assessment on a Dime: Low Cost User Data Collection for Assessment
Eric Dillalogue, Michael Koehn

Gathering Evidence of Learning in Library Curriculum Center Spaces with Web GIS
Rick Stoddart, Bruce Godfrey

An Evaluation of Methods to Assess Team Research Consultations
Ashlynn Kogut, Pauline Melgoza

Improving Learner-Driven Teaching Practices through Reflective Assessment
Matthew T. Regan, Scott W. H. Young, Sara Mannheimer

Factors Associated with the Prevalence of Precarious Positions in Canadian Libraries: Statistical Analysis of a National Job Board
Ean Henninger, Adena Brons, Chloe Riley, Crystal Yin

Making Job Postings More Equitable: Evidence Based Recommendations from an Analysis of Data Professionals Job Postings Between 2013-2018
Joanna Thielen, Amy Neeser

Use, Perceptions, and Awareness of LibGuides among Undergraduate and Graduate Health Professions Students
John Carey, Ajatshatru Pathak, Sarah C. Johnson

Using Evidence in Practice

But What About Us? Developing an Inclusive Approach to Library Insight
Selena Killick

Evidence Summaries

Facet Use in Search Tools is Influenced by the Interface but Remains Difficult to Predict
Scott Goldstein

Assisting With Systematic Reviews Can Be Associated With Job-Related Burnout in Information Professionals
Kimberly MacKenzie

Survey of Canadian Academic Librarians Outlines Integration of Traditional and Emerging Services
Laura Costello

Cataloguing Remains an Important Skill at Public Libraries in the Modern Metadata Landscape of Norway
Jordan Patterson

The Value of Information in Professional Settings is Experienced through Relationships and Networks
Rachel E. Scott


Professionalism Reconsidered
Emily Drabinski


Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP) is seeking an Editorial Intern

Call for Peer Reviewers for Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP)

Library Service & Social Wellbeing Data Release

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EBLIP is a peer reviewed, open access journal published quarterly by the University of Alberta Learning Services. The purpose of the journal is to provide a forum for librarians and other information professionals to discover research that may contribute to decision making in professional practice. EBLIP publishes original research and commentary on the topic of evidence based library and information practice, as well as reviews of previously published research (evidence summaries) on a wide number of topics.

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