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Cover of IJIDI Special Issue on Diversity, Recordkeeping and Archivy

IJIDI Special Issue on Diversity, Recordkeeping and Archivy

February 21, 2021

Vol 5, No 1 (2021)

Special Issue: Diversity, Recordkeeping and Archivy

Table of Contents


Diversity, Recordkeeping, and Archivy
Rebecka Sheffield, Janet Ceja, Stanley H. Griffin


Brick Walls and Tick Boxes
Experiences of Marginalised Workers in the U.K. Archive Workforce
Kirsty Fife, Hannah Henthorn

Against Whitewashing
The Recent History of Anti-Racist Action in the British Archives Sector
Alicia Chilcott, Kirsty Fife, James Lowry, Jenny Moran, Arike Oke, Anna Sexton, Jass Thethi

A Weapon and a Tool
Decolonizing Description and Embracing Redescription as Liberatory Archival Praxis
Tonia Sutherland, Alyssa Purcell’s Race Stories
Examining Whiteness on the Genealogy Web
Anna Robinson-Sweet

Laughter Filled the Space
Challenging Euro-Centric Archival Spaces
Krista McCracken, Skylee-Storm Hogan

Book Reviews

Indigenous Research
Theories, Practices, and Relationships
Stacy Allison-Cassin

An Internet for the People
The Politics and Promise of Craigslist
Mona Elayyan

Diversity and inclusion in libraries
A Call to Action and Strategies for Success
Marcia Salmon

(Via International Journal of Information, Diversity, & Inclusion)

The International Journal of Information, Diversity, Inclusion (IJIDI) presents wide­ ranging and multidisciplinary perspectives on the intersection of equity, social justice, and information. The journal seeks to expand the discourse on how access to, interaction with, and the use of information by a range of populations can impact individuals, communities, and society. IJIDI is a quarterly, open access, online journal.

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