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Everything tagged: Ottawa-Gatineau Events

ARMA NCR: Lessons Learned from IM Program Assessment


Event January 10, 2019 (Type: Lecture) 

Truth Matters: Battling Online Misinformation

A report on Misinformation Online, a panel discussion hosted by Library and Archives Canada and Facebook Canada on challenges and solutions regarding the spread of misinformation online.


Blog July 17, 2018 

Government Information Community Meeting


Event October 25, 2017 (Type: Workshop) 

Right to Know Conference

Theme: Access to Information : A Fundamental Human Right


Event September 26, 2017 (Type: Conference) 

ARMA NCR IM Days 2017


Event November 27, 2017 (Type: Conference) 

Implementing GCDOCS: Recommendations and Lessons Learned

The objective of this presentation is to share overall best practices, and offer some recommendations and lessons learned for those embarking on a GCDOCS implementation project. The presentation is based …


Event September 14, 2017 (Type: Lecture) 

Canadian Web Archiving Coalition Inaugural Meeting


Event September 20, 2017 (Type: Workshop)